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Our Products

Our honey is collected by hand from hundreds of hives strategically distributed within Argentina, in the most conducive regions to their development and away from urban pollution. This way, we obtain honeys that are free of pesticides residues, herbicides and chemical products, among other pollutants.


Our honey does not undergo any filtering process nor is subjected to thermal treatments during the production process. This way, all the richness and added value of pollen and other particles such as propolis are kept in the honey.


One of the keys to our success has been to integrate the whole process from when the beekeeper locates his hives in the woods and/or fields, the honey collection, the honey transfer logistics without altering its attributes, the laboratory controls, to the honey homogenization and beyond.


We maintain direct contact with over 300 beekeepers that are constantly advised and trained in everything related to productive management, proper handling practices and honey health.


Honey homogenization

Quality Assured

We guarantee the traceability of all our products by subjecting them to exhaustive microbiological and purity controls. All our products are registered and approved by the National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality (referred to by its spanish acronym SENASA) and comply with all the requirements, standards and recommendations established by the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission.

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