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About Us

The Gasrroni Family

In 1951, our grandfather Aldo decided to immigrate from Tornareccio, province of Chieti in Italy, to Argentina. He settled with his family in the green plains of the town of Navarro, about 100 Kilometers west of Buenos Aires City Centre. During his first years in the region, he dedicated himself to the cultivation of plums and peaches and then in 1957 he undertook the establishment of hives taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of beekeeping acquired in his native town. The development of his own business contributed to the support of his family and the acquisition of extensive fertile fields, in which he managed to produce high quality honey in a great volume. The family business grew rapidly and two of their five children, Mauricio and Mario, began to participate in the elaboration of honey.

Over the years, Don Aldo's passion was transmitted to Mauricio, who showed a special interest and a profile similar to that of his father: demanding and dedicated. He was in charge of forging a new and renewed path of this apicultural tradition. Nowadays the children of Mauricio, Gastón, Rodrigo and Nicolás continue to elaborate one of the best Argentinean honeys in a traditional way. This is how a family tradition is born, that is transmitted from generation to generation and that managed to endure over time. 

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